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Mobile Applications

Mobile advertising is a rapidly emergent sector providing companies the opportunity to connect with their consumers beyond the traditional media and directly on their mobile phones.

Mobile applications are a rapidly developing segment of the global mobile market. These applications have evolved to the point that they now give users a rich media and fast user experience with various options for integrating advertising into the application logic.

Mobile applications provide various "Click Actions" providing a whole host of opportunities for advertisers to engage their audiences using a variety of response capabilities depending on the type of application i.e. click-to-call, click-to-locate, click-to-enter, click-to-download, click-to-buy etc.

We understand and utilise these opportunities to advertise via mobile applications reaching consumers when they're on the go and away from other types of media.

Mobile Marketing

When it comes to executing a successful mobile marketing campaign, planning is half the battle. Using the right channels to reach your market is important to ensure a rewarding investment.

Content received via mobile needs to be solicited. Though rules and regulations differ between countries and service providers, it’s important to ensure that your content and campaigns are always above board and on target.

Our team have extensive experience in mobile marketing campaigns and are able to offer a competitve end to end strategic mobile marketing solution.

Mobile Content

Ringtones - large ringtone library both royalty and royalty free. Humor, charts and sounds, supplied in a variety of formats i.e. Polyphonic, True Tones

Wallpapers & themes - in styles to suit various markets. High quality categories available i.e. afri pop, animated, bikini babes, funny pics, funky, phone fairy, neon, religious, romantic

Video Clips - file formats and play duration supplied to suit market. High quality video categories available i.e. afri pop, animal talk, fantsy babes, phone fairy, puppies, yomama, trance

Games - latest mobile games with largest handset compatibility. Some of the categories available are arcade, adventure, sport, role play, shoot em up, strategy

Text Based Content - wide range of 160 characters text content in popular categories such as jokes, love poems, cheating tips, love tips, sexy tips, horoscope, tarot, general knowledge, sport facts

WAP Content - scalable dynamic content driven applications and mini portals to deliver a wide range of mobile content in a variety of categories.

Interactive Mobile Games

Production of Mobile Advertising

Pre-paid Airtime Solutions

Gozomo creates value on mobile phones. Gozomo’s creative team conceptualizes and develops new mobile campaigns and advertising on a daily basis.

Feel free to contact us to find out about our new and exciting offers.

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